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The config file for Recce is located in recce.yml. Currently, only preset checks are configurable.

Preset Checks

Preset checks can be generated when executing recce server or recce run.

# recce.yml
  - name: Query diff of customers
    description: |
        This is the demo preset check.

        Please run the query and paste the screenshot to the PR comment.
    type: query_diff
        sql_template: select * from {{ ref("customers") }}
        - customer_id
Field Description Type
name the title of the check string
description the description of the check string
type the type of the check string
params the parameters for running the check object
view_options the options for presenting the run result object


Regarding the supported types and settings for each type, the documentation does not currently provide this information. Please obtain the settings by acquiring the preset checks template through the Web UI.