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Recce Online Demo

Try Recce without installing using this online demo.

Recce Online Demo

The demo showcases a pull request that fixes the customer_lifetime_value calculation in dbt's Jaffle Shop project to only included completed orders.


Jaffle Shop customers.sql


Some example validation checks you might create include:

Value Diff

Run a Value Diff to check the percentage match of the customer_lifetime_value column between production and the development branch.

CLV Value Diff

Value Diff - Customers Model

Profile Diff

Check the Profile Diff of the customers table to see how the customer_lifetime_value has been impacted.

CLV Profile Diff

Profile Diff - Customers Model

Query Diff

Run a Query Diff to compare the the actual values in prod and dev.

select customer_id, customer_lifetime_value from {{ ref("customers") }} where customer_id < 50;

CLV Query Diff

Query Diff - Customers Model