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Self‑Serve Data

Contextual data impact analysis for comprehensive PR review. Validate data impact with reproducible data testing environments during development and as part of continuous integration.

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Level-up your data project PR review and stop merging breaking changes into production

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Faster QA for pull request reviews

Cross-environment diffs with Recce help speed up the QA process for pull request review. Quickly check data impact by comparing modeling changes with production data - No need to craft complex queries yourself, or deal with configurations for multiple tools.

Focused Data Reconnaissance

Recce is feature-packed with a diff for every type of validation you'll need to ensure proof-of-correctness of your modeling changes. Starting from the Lineage DAG-Diff interface, Recce shows you the part of your DAG that has been impacted by your changes. It's the interface for your data-change reconnaissance mission.

Pull Request Comment on Steroids

Curate the checks you need into a list of reproducible validations for use in your pull request comment.


What our users are Saying

My entire team uses Recce as part of their PR flow... we use it almost on every PR. I changed a major table in our DB that impacted over 20 down the funnel processes, and (Recce) helped me QA it very efficiently.

Omri Antman

Head of Data and Analytics at Imagen

(Recce) helps visualize... everything from the lineage to the single value. You have a visual representation of the change in values for a PR available to everyone.

Igor Dal Bo

Data Engineer | FactoryPal

Find out how to level-up your pull request review for dbt.

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