All Signal,
No Noise

Build the ultimate PR comment to validate your dbt modeling changes by curating the ad-hoc checks that are most relevant to the context of your changes

Find out how to properly validate dbt data modeling changes, before merging to production.

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Faster QA for pull request reviews

Cross-environment diffs with Recce help speed up the QA process for pull request review. Quickly check data impact by comparing modeling changes with production data - No need to craft complex queries yourself, or deal with configurations for multiple tools.

Focused Data Reconnaissance

Recce is feature-packed with a diff for every type of validation you'll need to ensure proof-of-correctness of your modeling changes. Starting from the Lineage DAG-Diff interface, Recce shows you the part of your DAG that has been impacted by your changes. It's the interface for your data-change reconnaissance mission.

Pull Request Comment on Steroids

Curate the checks you need into a list of reproducible validations for use in your pull request comment.

Find out how to level-up your pull request review for dbt.

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